DSP Electronics P/L

www.dspelectronics.com.au Melbourne

IT Services business (Managed Service Provider) providing IT help to businesses, both remotely and on-site. (We specialise in Not-For-Profit).


Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra

Maddocks is a leading Australian law firm that represents government and corporate clients (including non-profits) across Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.


www.salesforce.org All of Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart

Salesforce.org is a social impact centre focused on partnering with the global community to tackle the world's biggest problems. We build powerful technology for, and with, our community of nonprofits, schools, and philanthropic organisations.

365 Solutions Group Pty Ltd

www.365solutionsgroup.com.au All of Australia

IT Services business specialising in helping NFPs and small businesses use Microsoft tools to streamline their operations to reduce costs and extend reach

Logicca Chartered Accountants

www.logicca.com.au All of Australia

Logicca Chartered Accountants have been consulting the not-for-profit sector for over 40 years and currently act as accountants and auditors for a large number of organisations.

Your Governance Guide Pty Ltd

www.yourgovernanceguide.com.au Brisbane

Delivering tailored governance education sessions to boards and directors to outline directors duties and the role of the board in managing performance, strategy, culture and risk. Fit for purpose advice to increase your board's capability to deli...

361 Degrees Strategic Engagement Services

www.361degrees.com.au Perth, QLD, WA

At 361 Degrees, we change the world by enabling others to change theirs through strategic engagement and planning

The Funding Centre

www.fundingcentre.com.au/ All of Australia

The Funding Centre is the best place to go to get information on grants and fundraising in Australia.

Gembridge - 'For Purpose' Recruitment

www.gembridge.com.au All of Australia, Melbourne

Gembridge focuses on executive search and recruitment of leadership roles. We work closely with 'for purpose' organisations that make a difference in our community.

The Xfactor Collective

www.xfactorcollective.com All of Australia

Sector-first collective of pre-vetted specialist consultants, coaches and mentors helping organisations in times of change, challenge and transformation. Find a specialist across 300+ areas of specialisation.