Competitively priced advertising options that work

Why become a Good Supplier? $500
Annual listing
You can quickly establish a listing in our directory that will remain online for 365 days.
Easy set up!
Remember tearing your hair out the last time you tried to put a listing in a telephone directory? We aim to provide exactly the opposite service. Experience easy set up with prompt, full phone and email support.
Showcase your strengths
Create an attractive listing featuring your logo, unlimited text, links and social media connections. Your listing can feature in up to six categories, increasing the audience you'll reach as users search for diverse services and supplies.
Extended promotion
Because we think Good Suppliers are great, we'll feature you across the Our Community network, in publications and on social media.
We speak to lots of people
Our parent company, Our Community, is a 15-year old organisation with a reputation for being the place not-for-profits goes for help. Our staff answer countless phone calls and emails each day from organisations looking for reliable, expert help. Good Suppliers is now the way we help them focus their search.

What is Good Suppliers?

Good organisations have ethics at their core. They express their values in everything they do, including in the goods and services they buy. Good Suppliers connects good organisations (not-for-profits and other social sector organisations) with good companies - those providing products and services designed specifically for the social sector.

The Good Suppliers directory is free to browse, and affordable to advertise in. It lists companies providing products and services to not-for-profits throughout Australia.

Why can social sector organisations rely on the companies listed in the Good Suppliers directory?

All businesses listed in the Good Suppliers directory:

  • have extensive experience working with not-for-profit and community organisations
  • are qualified to provide expert information and advice in their specialty categories.

Why advertise in the Good Suppliers Directory?

The table above highlights the many features and benefits of advertising your service or product in the Good Suppliers dirctory.

Here's the deal-sealer though. Advertising as a Good Supplier connect you with the Our Community Group of enterprises' unparalleled, loyal and activated audience.

Audience at a glance

  • 1,727,500 annual unique website visitors to Our Community websites
  • 4,471,400 webpages viewed
  • 55,000+ email subscribers
  • 21,300 Social media followers
  • Group reach 1.8 million (and growing!)

Interest and insights

  • 44% of Our Community members actively review job vacancies
  • 113,000+ unique users arrived at Our Community websites interested in information about employment, jobs and job listings over the last 12 months
  • 74% of surveyed members are active in the not-for-profit sector, working as employees, managers, board members and volunteers. These people are the decision-makers and doers that power Australia's $103 billion not-for-profit sector.

Download the Good Jobs Media Kit (PDF 1.1Mb)

SOURCES: Google Analytics data set, Oct '15 - Sep '16; Our Community Matters Readership Survey, Nov '15; Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission's Australian Charities Report 2014